IceCalibre has moved!

May 20, 2011 Comments Off on IceCalibre has moved!

Well, it’s official: IceCalibre blog is being retired. It’s been a good run – just a few months shy of three years in total.

Time for not only an upgrade but a brand new everything. Ground up. Terra nova.

I’m excited, for this allows for some grand new options and ultimately what I feel to be a better reading experience in the end. It’s somewhat bizarre to see the blog reader statistics go from thousands back down to mere tens, but it’ll grow soon enough. I hope to foster more of a personal approach, actively answering people’s questions in the comments or on Twitter (and as always, feel free to send email) so definitely, do those things – it’s nearly always guaranteed to make you more attractive to the opposite gender / more successful in life.

Without further ado, welcome! Welcome, young and old, to the brand new chocolate factory. Welcome, to blog Acrylo.



Move = 50%

May 18, 2011 § Leave a comment


Both a physical move for me, back to my hometown for work while off of school and also a move from this blog to the new successor. It’s not IceCalibre 2.0 but beta-named Acrylo – subject to change.

It’s a physical move for that too, actually, I’m running it on my server using the real WP platform so it can breathe easier and I’ll have more control. Excellent.

Check out the beta here, and from now on all content will be posted there instead of here. However, I’m keeping these and all previous posts alive and well to keep as archive.

Brennan Howl’s Moving Castle

May 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Exciting news:

This blog is getting it’s well deserved upgrade to a luxurious private server and a real install of wordpress.

The new blog is still in rough stages but I started this morning, and if there aren’t any new posts coming here it’s because they’re being routed to the new address which will be unveiled soon.

Also, still accepting writers! If you like the things I’ve posted so far or want to add new areas of interest, please,  apply within.

Scrapbook 13

May 15, 2011 Comments Off on Scrapbook 13

Neat, these ones actually have websites watermarked. That’s handy.

Mostly sourced from various Tumblrs, this scrapbook of inspiration is decidedly forest themed.

Credit and all copyright belongs to the original authors of the work, of course.

Bovino Lakto

May 14, 2011 Comments Off on Bovino Lakto

Like the beer ad before it, it’s done with the classic advertiser’s style in mind. Big, bold typography that is there not to tell you how good the product is, not to tell you features or prices but rather just telling to you drink it. That’s all. Just drink the milk.

Originally it was a Kavalo product as well, but since Kavalo means horse the word ‘milk’ coming after it changes the meaning slightly for the hilarious.

You’ll notice too that ‘drinkajo’ inherently means refreshing-drink and so the ‘freshigar’ in front of it is redundant. Since most English people won’t understand this, it makes sense to use both words since we’re more familiar seeing “refreshing drink” or some derivative being two different words. I’m using Ido not as a language in itself but rather as an excuse to not use English – I don’t mind utterly destroying the rules. It’s Lorem Ipsum anyway.


May 13, 2011 Comments Off on Trendy

Sometimes, if I’m really running low on other sources of inspiration I’ll look to websites that curate “inspiring design” which is rarely actual design and equally rarely actually inspiring. For some reason, the past six months have been filled with super fake vintage effects applied to boring photos and then covered in some sort of “design element” like transparent coloured circles or diagonal hairlines  and then something “inspiring” is written in Univers or Helvetica.

There should have to be a test you take in order to wield such fine typefaces all willy-nilly like that. You wouldn’t give these people a rifle, they can stick to the water guns: comic sans.

I jest.

But honestly, that’s not even real graphic design. Stop it.