My first image!

June 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

Again, we will look back at these and laugh.

But, if this is going to be an art blog, we have to see if can support my art’s awesome-ness (and my making up words-ness)

so. art: The not-so-famous Glass ‘Calibre. Made in Blender and rendered in Yafray. One of my first to deal with “realistic” glass settings. AO and glossy reflections killed the render time.

Glass 'Calibre


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§ 2 Responses to My first image!

  • †EV† says:

    Hmm…The render doesn’t seem so nice….Or is it just the image on the blog?
    It seems… Un-Sharp. =)

    Anyways, its simple and nice. ^^

  • icecalibre says:

    It’s actually an effect of the different renderer.

    Yafray is a more realistic renderer than the Blender internal one and operates in a different way. Instead of making one final image, it starts out blurry and then slowly refines itself more and more until the desired detail arises. Thus, if you want a faster render, you compromise quality, and the other way around. So, I was lazy and took it out before it was done, so to speak.

    So young and foolish, lol. Last year.

    Also, I should mention that this was 2.44 (maybe even 2.42) and they didn’t have glossy reflections like they do now. The graininess in the floor is because I had to make a really, really small bump an made the reflections like that. With 2.46 and it’s “perfect” (depending on how many passes you set) glossy reflections this is outdated.

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