June 23, 2008 § 2 Comments

A silly project with no deeper meaning, I was inspired by the brilliant game “DiRT”‘s menu. Unfortunately, I still can’t figure out how to give it that “dirty” look they do so well. (I noticed they brought it over into the GRID engine as well. Actually, I wonder if the entire engine is the same…) The hard part was making up random words. it’s harder than you think…


§ 2 Responses to What?

  • icecalibre says:

    It’s funny, actually, looking back on it, most of the words are either foods, names or games. the other 2% are random office supplies. The viking is… questionable.

  • icecalibre says:

    Looking back on it months later (from when I made it, not from when I posted it here) I wonder why I spent so much time struggling with the 2.46 DoF blur and not simply move over to 2.44 to render.

    Or, heaven forbid, forget the DoF altogether and just change the highlighted words to a brighter colour.

    Ah well, live and learn, eh?

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