August 15, 2008 § 5 Comments

Just a simple array test (I seem to be doing a lot of these lately)


Like a really sharp flower

Somewhat reminds me of a red glass shuriken thinger. Predator style frisbee…

And a similar one:




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§ 5 Responses to Rose

  • †EV† says:

    Hey, I have just found this blog using google search. =)
    I am a Developer, as in I code things, and …well…develop! 😛

    So far, the blog is great, I am interested in…

    1. Coding
    2. Art (not in paintings, but as in pictures and 3Ds)
    3. 3D Modeling
    4. Keeping a blog! =)

    Great work, keep it up. 🙂

  • icecalibre says:

    I am interested in all of those, but sadly am not very good at the first. (More specifically, I have never spent much time trying to learn)

    Do you, by chance, do website design?

  • †EV† says:

    Website Design…well…Not really… I could be able to make something extremely simple.

    Coding as in…

    AS2, Little bit’ of AS3 (actionscript#)
    And, I’ve been wanting to learn HTML before I turn 13. But I don’t see any progress. =\

  • icecalibre says:

    I started HTML, but gave up easily. It’s boring and I really don’t see it as a skill I’ll use much in life.

    More art, less code for me, I’m afraid.

  • †EV† says:

    I’m sorta in the middle, but more in the art side. 😉
    HTML is very useful, I am planning to learn it by the age of 13, as I have said already. =)
    Maybe you could join me and learn it with me. ^_^

    Still wanting to buy a camera. =\

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