January 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, since I last left off with my new camera purchase, I’ve bought some cool new stuff. Check it.

SLR Gorilla pod:

Really, not a whole lot to say about this brilliant piece of robofacture. I mean, it’s a tripod that can be used virtually anywhere (Please note, I have yet to use it in space. Coming soon, hopefully.) It’s definately a good investment for a photographer like myself who finds himself everywhere and anywhere, and would like a tripod that can fit into a backpack easily.

Lowepro Slingshot 150 AW:,2035,4.htm

Speaking of backpacks, this is my pick of the crop. It’s a small pack (you can get the bigger ones that are basically the same thing.) but it’s handy to have as a camera devoted or (in my case) a hybrid pack. I keep my camera, my gorillapod (yes, it rolls up small enough to fit in where one of the lens’ should go.) generic camera gear (cords, SD cards, lens caps etc…) and usually a lunch, wallet, cell phone with room to spare. It’s a very effecient set up, although my one and only gripe is that I cannot carry paper without scrunching it up. Eg, no sketchbooks for my trips. Oh well. Also, it has a waterproof nylon? sleeve that folds out the bottom to cover the entire pack, making it considerably water resistant. It’s over the shoulder, with a clip on cord under the right arm, so it can be brought close enough to the body to jog, run or bike with (and not have camera gear flopping everywhere.) A bit pricey, but I justify it by respecting the investment that my camera is. More details on the official site, and pictures of the guy demonstrating the unique “slingshot” sling feature (twisting under the arm for access to the gear without taking the whole thing off.).

The other tripod I picked up is a generic Dynex. It’s the standard sized one, I don’t even know… five feet fully extended maybe? It’s not small enough to be put into the sling shot (my other issue with the slingshot design, no tube shaped objects bigger than lenses. Eg: no water bottles) If I’m on bike, I’ll have a bottle strapped to the frame, but on foot I would have to carry it. Small detail, I guess. But for those hot days, it would be handy. The bigger tripod is much, much better for panoramics. Hoping to get into little planet photography some time.

Of course, as outlined in a previous post, I’m shooting with the Canon XS 1000D EOS Rebel, stock 18-55mm IS lens.


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