June 22, 2009 § 2 Comments

How could I have forgotten?

Goodness, I bought it like, almost a whole month ago.

Yes, that’s right. I sold my Rebel XS and bought the brand new Rebel T1i (500D) which gives me all my former Rebel goodness + full 1080p HD video!

Among the other favorite features, I’m also really happy about the 12 800 ISO, which is a vast improvement over the 1600 I was using before. My night shots are so crisp and clean. The ISO grain at 1600 is almost completely gone. Of course, you get it back when you are shooting upwards 3200-6400+ but it isn’t nearly as bad as before, and, honestly, what can you expect?

I shot with the kit lens (f3.5) in a candle lit room and got clean shots at 1/8 a second. Cool!

I’ll be working more with the video this summer, and will post to let you know when things come out on my currently empty Vimeo page.

Happy shooting!


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