Mirror’s Edge

November 30, 2009 § 2 Comments

My lame attempt. Not even close to the coolness of the real thing.

I found the 2 disk edition at the local EB Games for $15 so I picked it up. I’ve known about the game since it was but a young concept, and followed through the beta and into publishing. I’ve known the game and loved the concept forever. But other than the free demo, I had never played it.

Now I have.

And I love the game so much. I mean, I was a parkour crazed teenager before, but this was fantastic because I’m not sore the next day.

Also, the art is so much of me. I’m a crazy minimalist with a style that hasn’t yet gotten a name. I should name it.

Make a wikipedia page and attribute the word origin to myself. (I think that’s fodder for speedy deletion).

Anyway, the art on the walls of the game is fabulous too. It’s like, minimalist modern abstract + vectors.

Does it have a real name?



November 25, 2009 § Leave a comment


Website update:

www.icecalibre.com is slightly newer.

Even more minimalist I’m still not sure it’s clean enough. Opinions on that drop shadow around the box?

Same old flickr feed and free gallery.

In other news, while not implemented, I did purchase a copy of monoslideshow so¬†perhaps I’ll get that up soon. It looks¬†promising. I need more time.

Also, the contact form is purposefully broken. It work(ed) but I got so much spam from the first 24 hours of having it up I’ve disabled it until I can get a spambot proof version up.


November 25, 2009 § 9 Comments

UPDATE! (Mar 4th 2010)

I updated my ipod to the newest 3.1.3 firmware, and itunes seems to be relieved. It’s been stable so far, but we’ll see as I start uploading my music and apps again.

UPDATE! (Feb 5th 2010)

Itunes released the new update which seems to solve most of the below problems. If you’re having the problem, try updating first and see if that works. It might be slightly unstable still. If not, read the original problem and semi-solution below:

Well, I was having some trouble and then fixed it so I might as well document it for future reference.

The problem: I’m running Windows 7 and my ipod touch 2gen won’t sync with itunes.

My hardware: Asus P7P55D motherboard with Intel i7 processor. USB is based directly off the motherboard.

Symptoms: I could plug in my ipod and get the windows ‘USB found!” sound, but it didn’t show up in “My Computer” under devices and itunes gave me error 0xE000065 which isn’t terribly helpful other than to google help.

I tried first: restarting various things (drivers etc) and setting the “AppleMobileDeviceHelper” process into compatibility mode (and admin run) as per a forum’s suggestion.

Uninstall and reinstall itunes (both 64 and 32 bit versions) and apple drivers. (forums led me to check the MTP problems within the USB with no avail.

People have tried PCI based USB and it seemed to work for them. Since I didn’t really want to buy new hardware I kept searching.

Also, I tried two itunes alternatives (Media Monkey and Sharepod) which both refused to find my ipod connection. This is weird because remember, the computer was getting some sort of USB connection, the ipod charged and made the plugged in sound.

Also tried “uninstalling” (unchecking the control panel box for) windows media player (which apparently helped others)

Nothing worked in the software / drivers so I dug deeper: the bios.

The true solution:

On my particular hardware’s bios there is an option for “Intel C-State” which was disabled previously. I enabled it and booted. It worked.

As was explained on a forum (and my further research revealed) C-state refers to the processor’s idle speed. (please excuse my probably inaccurate lay-mans description) and the power consumption of the entire PC. This included USB ports.

So, it seemed safe enough to enable and seems to solve my ipod /itunes issues. If my tower gets unstable in the near future I’ll update this post.

Hope that helps!

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