Mirror’s Edge

November 30, 2009 § 2 Comments

My lame attempt. Not even close to the coolness of the real thing.

I found the 2 disk edition at the local EB Games for $15 so I picked it up. I’ve known about the game since it was but a young concept, and followed through the beta and into publishing. I’ve known the game and loved the concept forever. But other than the free demo, I had never played it.

Now I have.

And I love the game so much. I mean, I was a parkour crazed teenager before, but this was fantastic because I’m not sore the next day.

Also, the art is so much of me. I’m a crazy minimalist with a style that hasn’t yet gotten a name. I should name it.

Make a wikipedia page and attribute the word origin to myself. (I think that’s fodder for speedy deletion).

Anyway, the art on the walls of the game is fabulous too. It’s like, minimalist modern abstract + vectors.

Does it have a real name?


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§ 2 Responses to Mirror’s Edge

  • mljchristmas says:

    where did u get the name icecalibre from, jw

  • Brennan says:

    I used to have a full history in the “brief bio” but in interest of keeping it brief, I took it out eventually.

    In any event, it started a loooong time ago in grade five. I was a young lad who drew is much as I breathed and read as often as I ate -that is to say, a lot.

    I was captured by mythology in those days and found the Arthur / excalibur story so captivating that I made my own stories in the same universe. A sword forged of ice: icecalibur. I’m not really sure why I changed the spelling, but over the years this is what it came out to be.

    And, now I’ve become so stuck in the name I can’t really change it, despite all the marketing knowledge (in regards to branding and names etc) I’ve learning since then.

    So that’s a brief history!

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