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Yup, just a quick photo of our lovely dinner table.

It’s in a large format for those of you out there who like to take things and photoshop crop them to your own monitor size for wallpaper.

Merry Christmas to everyone, especially my few readers.


Pyramid Scheme

December 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Just playing around. A kind of minimalist movie poster in the direction of the new Star Trek etc.

Comes in sharp white:

and vintage tone:


Obviously, I forgot (was to lazy to) to include the movie information at the bottom. Actors, directors, rating etc. would be normally included. This is just a design practice.

For those who care: Blender for the pyramids, rendered in Yafaray (not that it really mattered much for this scene. Internal would have done the same) and photoshop post.


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I purchased a copy of Mono Slideshow a while ago, and just got around to testing it now.

IceCalibre Version 9: I don’t think it’s actually version nine, but I playfully dubbed it that because it certainly feels like it.

It’s an evolution thing, as I learn bits of HTML and CSS I implement them. Speaking of CSS, this is the first version to have externally called CSS files. Nifty, I think. Handy, at the very least.

Please excuse the unfinished-ness of everything still, I need to put up the rest of the photos (which are now locally stored instead of Flickr-fed) and finish the contact etc pages.

But, comments on the gallery itself? Does the navigation and everything make sense? What should I improve or take out?

Most of all: Slideshow, or gallery? should the photos advance automatically?


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I’ve always loved it, and I have gigs of drawings, 3D mocks and technical specs for fictional buildings I’ve designed. It looks like, looking back, I’ve never posted anything related.

There’s two main categories for me: real things, like actual buildings and theoretically possible buildings. Then, abstractions of these ideas. Keeping a really mathematical, geometric design to things but then taking that too far. Some have called it spam architecture, which I kind of like. It’s like someone just shoved a bunch of shapes there and called it a city.

My own example of such a rendering. Notice it’s still a “real” sunsky render, as if I were doing an actual building with “real” physical sky.

Taken one step farther:

Almost illustrative in style, it’s actually a 3D rendering with bizarre results. But, I think, it gives the city feel, which is what abstraction is all about.

I love interior renders, and I’ll post a few more as I drag them out of the ol’ harddrive.


December 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

Random, I realize. Clarke is my middle name, used for things like this that should have a name but don’t.

Still trying for *that style* (see Mirror’s Edge post) and still coming up short. Ah well.


December 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

Merry Minimalist Christmas everyone. Also, what is that style? Specifically. I’m trying to find examples of it.

See the Mirror’s Edge post, basically.

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