December 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’ve always loved it, and I have gigs of drawings, 3D mocks and technical specs for fictional buildings I’ve designed. It looks like, looking back, I’ve never posted anything related.

There’s two main categories for me: real things, like actual buildings and theoretically possible buildings. Then, abstractions of these ideas. Keeping a really mathematical, geometric design to things but then taking that too far. Some have called it spam architecture, which I kind of like. It’s like someone just shoved a bunch of shapes there and called it a city.

My own example of such a rendering. Notice it’s still a “real” sunsky render, as if I were doing an actual building with “real” physical sky.

Taken one step farther:

Almost illustrative in style, it’s actually a 3D rendering with bizarre results. But, I think, it gives the city feel, which is what abstraction is all about.

I love interior renders, and I’ll post a few more as I drag them out of the ol’ harddrive.


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