December 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

I purchased a copy of Mono Slideshow a while ago, and just got around to testing it now.

IceCalibre Version 9: I don’t think it’s actually version nine, but I playfully dubbed it that because it certainly feels like it.

It’s an evolution thing, as I learn bits of HTML and CSS I implement them. Speaking of CSS, this is the first version to have externally called CSS files. Nifty, I think. Handy, at the very least.

Please excuse the unfinished-ness of everything still, I need to put up the rest of the photos (which are now locally stored instead of Flickr-fed) and finish the contact etc pages.

But, comments on the gallery itself? Does the navigation and everything make sense? What should I improve or take out?

Most of all: Slideshow, or gallery? should the photos advance automatically?


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