18/365 :: Snickerdoodles

January 26, 2010 § 4 Comments

I made cookies. Snickerdoodles to be precise. They turned out really good, I think, and my family agrees.


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§ 4 Responses to 18/365 :: Snickerdoodles

  • Megatron says:

    They aren’t good until I’ve had one!
    Also, you use a big cuppy-thingy? I didn’t think anyone ever used those except my mother when she’s making jam…
    (Your post looked lonely.. I figured someone needed to comment..)

  • Scott Axel says:

    Cool shot but it’s pretty busy for your normal style…

  • Dirk says:

    i’m bothered by the washed out highlights. the circumastances looked challenging. if the sun’s on your subject the light usually is way too strong to get a bit of balance in the shot.

  • icecalibre says:

    @Mae: You’ll get some eventually.

    @Scott: Yeah, I’m trying not to be so stereotypical and expand on my work.

    @Dirk: Save for HDR photography, there wasn’t really a good way to get both dynamic ranges in the shot, so, the highlights got blown to keep the subject somewhat normal…

    Thanks everyone.

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