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My head phones (also panasonic) died yesterday, so I went out and bought the new pair which so far I really love.

Panasonic “Ergofit” headphones look really weird. Upon placing them in your ears the shape makes so much more sense than traditional headphones. I assume the name is a nod towards “ergonomics” which truly describes what they are.

Also, the 10.7 mm drivers they can fit into such a shape really bring out a rich sound (for cheap headphones I was really impressed) with bass notes dipping below human range at a mere 6 Hz.

So, while I’m sad to see my last pair go, I’m really excited for my new ear friends.


50/365 :: Ipod

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Sorry for my lack of posts, everything is really busy. Ah well.

Since I’m not getting out much, it’ll probably be studio shots for a while here…

Yet Another Blog

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I love wordpress, really, I do. It’s pretty sweet. But it forces you to pay for custom CSS support and, well, that’s stupid.

So, in favor of my inherent thriftiness, I’m giving Tumblr a go. It’s free and has a whole slew of features that WordPress charges you for.

Also, I can link it to my domain for free so you can find it here:

tumblr.icecalibre.com or icecalibre.tumblr.com

Please ignore the lack of posts, it’s coming.

I might even move my 365 project over eventually.
Because you know I’m updating *so* much right now…

49/365 :: Merrell Shoe Ad

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My parents have matching shoes, how cute.

48/365 :: Nice Rack

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Clothing rack, that is.

47/365 :: More Windmills

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More spooky trees like the ones found on Feb 13th

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