24/365 :: Lo poly experiments

February 1, 2010 § 5 Comments

Bleh. I’m sorry for not posting photos at all. Today was my first day of school and yesterday I was out all day snowboarding. Actually, I have photos. I should post those…

Anyway. All of my Blender life I’ve been using ridiculously many polys for my model detail. This, of course, leads to huge amounts of render times. Since I’m not willing to give up the photon mapping etc. I figured I should make my models more efficient. Thus, lo poly modelling.

It’s ridiculously hard!

Like minimalism in the visual arts world, it’s actually really difficult to take away from a model while keeping the general form still there. So, I have a new found appreciation for video game modelers and what they do. Kudos.

The above represents 2600 polys (which is funny, since it’s under 200 just the model without the cape…) and also setting all of the materials to be shadeless for a flat cutout look in the style of “Every Day the Same Dream” (which I loved, despite hating everything about it. Seriously, if you have some patience it’s the most ugly beautiful game you can ever hate to love.)

The plan is maybe an animation (I rigged the man, since his torso is only like 8 vertices) involving an office worker (see above game) who decides to rebel from his boring office grind to become a superhero by tying a red cape around his neck and running around.

Just an idea.


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