27/365 :: Snow!

February 4, 2010 § 7 Comments

It’s snowing right now, which compliments beautifully the morning I have to myself to do physics. Philip Glass plays softly in the background.

Also, fun fact, this is the first portrait oriented photo in my 365. Crazy, I know.

Taken from inside my house, you can kind of see the window screen grid towards the top left.


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§ 7 Responses to 27/365 :: Snow!

  • Scott Axel says:

    I bet I know what side of the histogram this is on…

  • dirk says:

    doesnt really matter! i really like this one!

  • icecalibre says:

    I keep it a couple stops over purposefully…

    I dunno, I just really like the over exposure look.


  • Megatron says:

    I really like the screen. It adds a sort of.. I don’t know. I always sound so stupid. It looks nice. That’s what I wanted to say.

  • Megatron says:

    Aaah!! Why did it link my name to my blog? Does it always do that? Make it go away!

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  • icecalibre says:

    Colin, I appreciate you feedback but I will point out that 98% of the website design is black and white. The only colour in the entire place is a pink that is used to display dates and times.

    Is that a colour that you cannot read?

    I will consider that next time, anyway.

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