28/365 :: Financial Ad

February 5, 2010 § 3 Comments

A concept render for a financial ad I was contracted for. This particular ad won’t be in circulation as it was scrapped for something better, so I’ll just show my loyal blog followers.

I love HDRi rendering. It makes everything seem so glossy.


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§ 3 Responses to 28/365 :: Financial Ad

  • icecalibre says:

    Also, I did the models in like half an hour from scratch…

    I’m known for being a really fast modeler. In fact, while most people sketch to quickly jot things down (I still do that) I can often make the 3d version as fast as I can draw it out.

    3D sketches are so handy for showing people your ideas because then you can look around all the angles.

  • Mathew Harrison says:

    Nice job with the mold mate.

  • icecalibre says:

    Oh, small correction, it’s virtual 3D modelling.

    Not a real physical item. So, no mold required.

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