April 5, 2010 § 4 Comments

So, today is monday and I’ve completed the first week of my goal chart. “What’s this?” you ask. Well, like most good things, it started with Demetri Martin. “If I” is brilliant. If you haven’t already seen it, go to youtube and watch all six parts right now, then come back here and it will make more sense.

So, self betterment. Cool. I’m going to do that too. Perhaps along the way I’ll find out how much half the whole crab and a whole of the half crab weigh. I started the journey a while ago, but like DM, I found that I needed a way of quantifying it and I reached the same conclusion he did: I’m going to make a graph for everything that I do.

The above photo is my first week. I passed, at least. 52%. Woot, go me. That’ pathetic. Clearly, the goals are wrong somehow.

Unlike Mr. Martin, I made a grey area for each goal. It isn’t binary 0 or 1, it isn’t simply pass or fail since I am of the attitude that if I fail something early on in the week, I won’t bother to keep going since I’ve already lost the point. This way, I get credit for things even after I’ve failed a particular day. With the magic of mathematics, it’s still perfectly acceptable to have all of these random fractions instead of simply ones or zeros.

So, for the first draft it was fine, but I need more goals. If you think of something that isn’t on the list, please mention it in the comments below and I’ll consider adding it. If you want the list in an open office (or MS excel spreadsheet) I can post the editable file here and you can do your own.

I’m still adding and working out numbers for things, so everything is crazy out of whack until I revise and evolve it. Please still think highly of me as a person despite my poor life skill performance.


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