Camera Custom Picture Styles

April 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve always known about the the custom picture settings (in fact, the first day I bought the camera I made one and haven’t changed it since) but recently I’ve taken a deeper look into it.

In camera there is a way to make them using four sliders with nine settings per slider, that’s 6561 different  setting combinations, but since they are really small increments the human eye could probably only pick out a few of them. That’s why they created the software version, to perform in conjunction with the Canon software. I haven’t tried it myself (yet) but it looks like it gives you far more control over things, allowing for some really interesting in camera grading.

Anyway, my camera is right now set to:

Sharpness “4” (default, I think)

Contrast +1

Saturation and color tone are both +2

And then in the white balance shifting it’s A6, G6 (up towards the red/green corner for a warm orange) and you can set the BKT for however much “warmth” (or whatever colour you’ve chosen) you want to apply over the image.

Of course, always set your white balance depending on the lights, and then this will warm it some in shot.


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