Mirror’s Edge

May 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

Man, have not posted in forever.

In any event, at least I can console myself and know that school came first.

The above poster is my first decent simulation of the Mirror’s Edge style (first questioned back in nov. see the old post)

Kind of Samurai Jack, too. I love the style, eventually I’ll learn it properly. It seems to be a rare form, so maybe I can be a niche artist. Ha.


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§ 2 Responses to Mirror’s Edge

  • Karl says:

    I absolutely must ask, as this is the closest thing I have to finding out more about the Mirror’s Edge art that I could find

    Did you ever find anything else about this art style? Do you by any chance have any screenshots of the art (it proved almost impossible to find any on the internet, and my own game is broken)

    I’d absolutely love to replicate some of these with acrylic paint, it’s a style I’d really like to inject into my college course.

    Oh and I must say your blog is really very interesting – your interest in architecture, graphics, photography and 3D almost perfectly mirror’s mine.. except I suspect you are a few years older than me

    • Brennan says:

      Hey Karl!

      I did go through the game and take screenshots of virtually every painting in the game, so I’ll make a collage and post those for you on the blog here.

      I’d love to do some acrylics on canvas with a palette brush sometime too. I need some art in my new place…

      That’s sweet. I’ve found I’m kind of an odd mix of things and mediums that way. I guess that’s where I found ID to be so appealing. It’s like, art and engineering and 3D and sketching and everything all in one. Sweet!

      As of writing this I am a first year in college and 17.

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