Bought an iPad

May 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’m usually the type to wait around for new stuff to get revised and cheaper, but sometimes I like to buy things on the very first day they’re out, just to say I did (See: my first DSLR, Canon XS, bought on the first day out).

I chose the 16GB wifi model, but it turns out my parents had already preordered one (32GB wifi) for me as a grad gift, so I’ll be upgrading when that shipment gets here, giving this 16GB one to my dad (because he wanted one anyway)

So far (day two) it’s going really well. I was hesitant at first with reading all the nay-saying reviews on the internet, but a large amount of those complaints can be downplayed simply because they don’t apply to me.

It’s a beautiful screen. I feel dismal sometimes going back to my ipod touch’s teeny screen, although being pocketable is still a big reason to keep it around. There are (in typical Johnny Ive’s fashion) very few buttons on the exterior edge: just power and volume, with a small slider for screen orientation lock (so the screen doesn’t rotate when you flip it around, which really annoyed me with the ipod). The speakers have their own grilled port now, so they sound much more powerful than the ipod touch’s, although they certainly aren’t Bose or anything now with the still weak high and low end reproduction. For games and UI clicks it’s perfectly fine, and I can use my nice headphones if I want true music quality. For the people complaining that the speaker is muffled while you’re browsing with it on your lap (if you’re sitting curled in a couch of whatever) just flip it 180 so the home button (and speaker) is at the top, and continue browsing. There really is no ‘up’ with this device, it’s perfectly happy on any of the four sides.

So far the apps are great, and I’m looking forward to such titles as Mirror’s Edge (of course) and Command and Conquer Red Alert, which (I’m hoping) would be perfect with touch control. If I had any desire for this platform, it would be so I could play RTS games. I mean, pinch zooming and group selection would be so perfectly suited for such a device. I don’t really need Supreme Commander graphics, just some good strategy (although the processor in the ipad seems really good at 3D in other games, I have no doubts this would be the same). Pair ipads together and play against one another via bluetooth. I could sit in Starbucks and be a pretentious Apple fanboy and play RTS games against others in the room. Woo hoo!

I’m not at all impaired by the virtual keyboard, but perhaps that’s my youth and quick adaptation to things like that. I can type quite speedily with my ipod touch and two thumbs, it’s just practice.

It just feels right in your hands, the aluminum is perfect. I wouldn’t use a webcam (nor back camera ala iphone), but perhaps only because I carry two SLRs with me everywhere I go anyway. It has a mic, so Skype might be neat, if I had anyone to talk to (truly, texting has taken away all desire to have actual conversation across the phone)

Anyway, if you have any questions about the device, feel free to ask.


§ 2 Responses to Bought an iPad

  • cat says:

    i can’t decide whether to be scornful or jealous 😛

  • Brennan says:

    So far I’ve had a bit of both.

    I have yet to walk into a Starbucks with one, exuding pretentiousness for all to feel scornful/jealous.

    But mostly because all the money I save not drinking Starbucks goes into buying said electronics, and the two don’t lend well to mixing.

    See also: My Adventures Drinking a Double Decaf Americano Whilst Using my New Ipad as a Drink Tray.

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