iPad Error

June 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

UPDATE :: July 17th: See newest post HERE
  • It’s reminiscent of the errors and problems that popped up on the ipod touch but those tricks don’t seem to work.

Alas, I’ll find a way and update here.

Hopefully I can help the masses again. Like last time, my general problems seem to be:

Windows 7 + iTunes 9.1 + iPad 3.2 and USB corded tethering.

The problems seem to be iTunes related, and my USB is fixed from last time (see the ipod post) so it’s doubtfully that. I can jailbreak and use file access programs to see the actual, physical drive of the iPad, so the USB is working and connecting, at least. From there, I suspect, it’s all on iTunes end as far as the connection.

So, I managed to degrade my problem even further: iTunes just freezes and refuses to do anything at all until I terminally kill it.


  • If your iPad is plugged in right now, unplug it now.
  • Turn off iPad normally (hold the power button, slide to off)
  • When completely off, plug into PC and hold the home button until iTunes is forced to do something.
  • If prompted, you can try to restore using a backup (mine refused) or restore as a new ipad.

At the very least, this process will let you connect to your ipad, at the cost of losing all the data and starting over. (although, for reasons unknown, all my data remained perfectly (even my jailbreak), despite having “restored” the device.)


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