June 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve made anything in the traditional art department, so I’m a bit rusty.

Some kind of ritual glowing pit + floating rune stone thing. I dunno.

Learned: Chain instancing over curves and Blender Internal sunshine turbidity with scaling (the distance effect of the things far away inside the sunshine setting, without using fog or mist)


§ 2 Responses to Runes

  • Dan? says:

    I look at this photo and wonder… what inspired you to design something like this? How did it start?

  • Brennan says:

    This was (as far as my usual workflow goes) a far more open ended process.

    Most of the time I get an idea in my head exact what I want it to be and then the art is making that come out on screen, whereas this started out with no particular vision and was mostly a sunset/turbidity test that turned into something.

    Much like writing a story as you go it just starts with a simple thing that you look at and think “okay, that’s pretty cool shaped, but it needs like, a chain or something holding it up. What is it suspended over? Lava? Okay. Let’s make some lava lighting.” and so on.

    I watched Kung Fu Panda that morning, so I was already thinking something older medieval style. This was more western than Asian in the end, I guess.

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