Ipad + Itunes + Windows

July 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

It’s not pretty, but I’ve found the pattern and (quasi) solution to my (and probably other’s) problem.

First, my setup:

Windows 7 64 bit

Itunes 64 bit

Ipad (32GB, wifi only)

I don’t think it’s hardware related at all, but in case anyone else has similar hardware and this issue, maybe there’s a pattern:

Asus P7P55D

Intel i7

Nvidia GTX 275

* * * * *

The issue:

When syncing music/anything to/from the ipad, it hangs and I’m forced to ctrl-alt-del shut it down.

My goal:

Make it stable / find alternate way of syncing so that I can enjoy my awesome tablet.

Observations so far:

It seems slightly more stable if you plug in the ipad (it’ll bring up itunes by itself) then close itunes (just with the corner x, it’s mostly stable at this point) and then start itunes from your computer again (with the ipad still plugged in)

Don’t ask me why, but it helps somehow.

When syncing music, it will usually get through the upload and then hang on the final cleanup sync. This you’ll have to fatally stop the program for and reopen it. The music is already on the ipad, you just have to sync using the sync button to update the library from the ipad’s point of view, so it’ll see/ recognize the music files there.

So you can do it, but it’s really annoying to have to crash and reopen, then resync manually every ten or so songs uploaded. This is far from user friendly, Apple.

Also, when you eject your ipad, it’ll want to sync again and the Windows loading bar thing will come up. Disregard this, it isn’t actually doing anything since the eject sync is almost instantaneous. It seems safe enough to unplug your ipad at this point. (I accept no liability if I’m wrong, these are just my observations)

Anyway, I’ll update this when I get more information.

Post yours and help out the community!


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