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Yup, I am back and surprisingly got these photos off my camera within a mere few days!

So, here is one.


Website Overhaul

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I’m going with some minimalism here. It’s just too hard to keep both a blog and a website anywhere near up to date, so I’m making the website into something of a business card so to speak and leaving it as it is; the blog will be the updated one.

Also, refresh it and watch the magic!

Nifty, eh?

It also works with the image above here on the blog. It’s random every time! Fifteen in total; gotta catch ’em all.

Abstract Trees and Sky

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More in the lomography side of things, this just makes me happy somehow. It’s bright, warm and freedom in a box.

Oliver 2

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Carnival at night!


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So I found Flipboard the other day and it changed my life!

Okay, maybe not my whole life, but the news reader/facebook checker for ipad life. It’s such a nice user interface for cruising through stuff. It even makes Facebook halfway presentable (*ooooh, ahhhhh*)

Which brings me to my next, longer lasting point: Why is Facebook so poorly designed?

I’ve noticed this trend in lots of big companies; they’re thinking “Well, we already have enough user base we don’t need to attract more users, so why should we design it to be as optimum as it can be to attract people?”

And then they ignore design almost entirely, making for a crappy experience, even if you have attracted all of these people.

So, I secretly want to make an opposing Facebook that is purposefully kept small and community driven. Like what Vimeo did to Youtube, really. A community of things you care about, not a pile of young kids who obsessively (perhaps unwittingly) add “Which Twilight Character Are You” quiz results to my wall. I don’t care.

But! If it were a community of, say, bloggers, who wrote interesting columns then sure! I’d love that coming to my wall for reading. Mixed with an elegant newsreader/RSS aggregate feed and I’d never leave.

Which, basically, is Flipboard. Funny how that works…

I want a desktop version (but not the flipping, that’s really only touchscreen friendly)

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