Dieselpunk Lamp

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Available in white or copper diffused bulb glass!

Oooh! Shiny! I'll take one. No. Twelve!

Are you noticing a trend in my product renders yet? This is the obligatory third close up shot.

I’m noticing my tendency could more described as dieselpunk than steampunk so I’m officially changing the title, although it would go in series with the other two.

It’s cleaner, no exposed wiring/piping or studs/rivets keeping it together. Ideally it would be welded as seamlessly as possible and painted in a super high gloss black.


Animal Collective

October 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

Wrascally Wrabbit

I was longboarding around the park a few weeks ago and took a lot of mediocre photos.

Top: Some elderly gentlemen that were walking on the path thought it was hilarious that I was stalking a squirrel with my zoom lens.

Middle: Some kids sitting above a path tunnel plucking leaves off twig branches.

Bottom: That’s my backyard actually, that bunny always sits there; he’s made a little pit in the grass.

The Cider Flyer

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Midterms are (mostly) over! This means I might get my life back!

I haven’t done a photocollage poster in a while, so.

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, I’ve been super crazy with exams and such.

More Photos You’ve Never Seen

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The EXIF data says I took these last may 15th, but I never published them, so I will now!

What looks like a double exposure in the middle in just a reflection and also the scene outside. Taco Tuesday!

Music Monday #2

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Royksopp's Happy Up Here music video is awesome

I’m going to start giving a little variety on these days because one band per week would move wayyy too slowly.

First up: Royksopp

These guys have been a favorite of mine over the years. It’s a good mix of upbeat happy dance songs and slow-down mellow grooves (The latest album Senior is the mellow counterpart to the upbeat Junior) I have a lot of favorite songs here, it’s too hard to choose just one! Happy Up Here, You Don’t Have a Clue, Eple, Poor Leno and… like 15 more. Just listen to all of it. Really. Great work music since it’s usually more beats and less lyrical distractions.

Second: WISP

I’m not even sure what genre they are. It’s like, experimental breakbeat sometimes mellow dubstep ambient? It’s fabulous, anyway, for driving through foggy mountain roads. A lot of the CDs were released for free before he was signed with a label, so I’m sure if you do some googling you can grab those easily. A couple of the albums have a sort of medieval feel to them. Like this would be the perfect montage music for an epic knight’s quest through a sunny but dangerous forest. Again, no particular favorite songs; they’re all pretty great. A couple albums are co-ops with other artists and are like, glitch techno which I’m not too much into but…

Third: Tycho

We mentioned this in the comments of last week’s post, but Tycho deserves a full shout out here. Artist Scott Hansen of ISO50 fame is also the musician Tycho and it’s amazing how his print work and his music work are somehow really similar. This is a super vintage ambient vibe that flows along really well and makes great music for designing to, really, I can’t describe; go listen to it. Favorite track: A Circular Reeducation

Eames Desk Chair

October 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

Could have sworn I posted this before, but I can’t seem to find it so…

If you’re a watcher of 30 Rock, you might recognize these from behind a couple character’s desks…

Busy Busy

October 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

Okay, I’ll apologize in advance for the lack of posts coming up this week. I have two major midterms in engineering physics and calculus and several huge projects to complete in these short days so I’m going to neglect the blog for a while.


There is something really, really neat coming up when I finish it so stay tuned for that update. It might BLOW YOUR MIND. So, be prepared for that and plug your ears or something.


If you’re waiting for updates, consider voting for me in the ski competition!

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