Keyshot for Arch Viz

October 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m playing around with the relatively new Keyshot renderer (spiritual successor to Hypershot, as far as I know. A branch, since Bunkspeed went with “Shot” and it became an entirely different beast).

It seems great for what it used to do (mostly studio shot style industrial design-y turntable) but I wanted so see if I could harness the GPU rendering for interior architectural shots.

It’s a fickle thing, since it’s not designed to have meshes in between the primary light source (the HDRi sky) and the subject so ceilings are a pain. The above is my sort of work around: lots and lots of glass.

As far as I’ve been reading you can do mesh lights in the materials editor, so that could be an option in the future, but sadly I don’t think it’ll provide nearly as much flexibility as say, Yafaray with IES spot lights.

Anyway, that’s my test. I’ll probably experiment more in the future but other than minor speed ups in rendering, the lighting issues would really cripple any freedom gained.


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