Green Lobby

October 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

You’ll probably recognize the inspiration from the Mirror’s Edge Artwork I post, this is loosely (I didn’t want identical) based on it.

Also, tried out the Indigo renderer for Blender. It’s free if you allow it to stamp the corner with it’s logo and since I probably won’t ever buy it that’s alright. Clearly, I have no clue how materials work, so everything is flat…

And above that is a pretty standard lazy Yafaray render. Heh, speaking of ME art, check out the temps I made quickly in photoshop. Yeah, those are fabulous! (oh man… actually, the one on the right isn’t too bad.) I was going to steal the real ones from the game, or make better ones for the final, final renders but scrapped the project in interest of another.


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