Mirror’s Edge Artwork III

October 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

It’s interesting to see how pieces have distinctly different styles yet maintain similarities and theme.

Apologies for the awkward angles on these, this level (Ropeburn’s office) is mostly skinny walkways and I can’t back up straight on to get square shots.

Also interesting, some paintings are distinctly scenes. There are some of cars and that top one looks like a big cargo ship to me. Even the abstract ones maintain a perspective point (or two!) and seem blocked out 3D despite the flat colours.

I’d like to mention at this point the artist James Roper. Perhaps it’s just the bright colour usage but these seem somewhat akin to his work, but more curving, like billowing fabric.


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§ 2 Responses to Mirror’s Edge Artwork III

  • Karl says:

    Thanks for the screens, it’s appreciated. There’s something about those long sweeping lines, you know? And the glazed texture really tops it off.

    James Roper has some AMAZING work! really my kind of thing. I’ve always loved playing with shapes and patterns within shapes, dominating patterns and big perspectives, etc

    Roper’s toning reminds me a cleaner version of Alex Pardee’s work..

    and a lot less abstract than Roper’s, of course.

  • Brennan says:

    Yeah, exactly!

    I think for abstracts of that type you want to go for really leading, dominant edges that sweep your eyes all over the canvas. Roper does that too, you’ll notice. Curves sweep into each other and so when you look around it you naturally go in these flowing circles.

    I really like that last one, I would learn watercolour just to get that effect. Or maybe bring out the tablet sometime and learn a Photoshop version of the effect.

    Actually, this goes back to Tycho with album covers like this:

    Really swirly watercolour-esque photo manipulation.

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