October 19, 2010 Comments Off on Branding

I got to thinking, and I came up with the following:

What is IceCalibre? Why do I keep it around? It started in grade 5 and built up as a branding test before I started branding myself (so that I could more easily destroy old evidence from the internet when the time came to be). Is it time to end it? Taper it off? Keep it in the background? Move to a different name?

Ultimately, the trend is to brand your own name in industrial design (and photography, but that isn’t my target audience, so.) and so I’d just take Brennan Clarke or Brennan Letkeman and run with it as it’s own ‘brand’.

But what about musicians and artists and designers like ISO50? What about Herman Miller? Braun? These are brands that have becomes synonymous with a ‘real’ name. A human name. Scott Hansen, Charles and Ray Eames, Dieter Rams. How do I (and do I even want to) achieve that plurality?

If I’ve learnt anything about branding it’s that you can’t spread out too quickly. I think that going for a plurality right out of the gate wouldn’t be ideal for awareness. Traditionally, you want everything to be the focus from one name, repeated over and over until fame is acceptance is achieved. But things are blurry now, everyone and their grandmother has a screen name; this alias and avatar that you identify with.

So. Do I make a studio out of this? Do I just brand myself?

Opinions on the word (branding) of IceCalibre? I mean, I’ve always used it, but more out of habit than actual practicality (ie: it isn’t really related to anything I am, I just thought it up years ago randomly)


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