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Concept / idea by the ever present and ever creative Mack Fai, rendering and everything else by me, from scratch in exactly 32 minutes.

Fun little collab project.


Business World

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Environments are coming along!

The face SSS is still a bit off, I think, and the UV mapping could use a little work yet but overall there is progress.

I’m thinking I’ll just evolve the face to be typographic representation of whatever he’s thinking, which could lead to some creative plot devices. Like a speech bubble, but without the bubble? Perhaps just emotions is easier…

I think there is potential for something clever and thought provoking as far as animation. I do have a script already but since I rather like the idea of him (them?!) not talking I might have to adapt it or go for something completely different.


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More trailers are coming out for the new Tron Legacy and I am not only super excited for the film itself but more than anything? The architecture, style and design.

That all white Eames lounge = want. Some Barcelona chairs in the sunken living room there too, but they’re pretty much always white.

Such a bizarre mix of futurism, victorian (but all white) and mid century modernist. Somehow, it all comes together… sort of reminds me of the i29 idea, but inverted.

If you haven’t heard already (and how could you not have) the soundtrack is by Daft Punk and comes on sale 10 days before the movie is out.


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I don’t usually like photography with text on it but I just felt that little dark spot needed a lil’ something, compositionally.

Taken several summers ago.


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I have this sort of fascination with textures in images. Especially 3D computer generated textures, because they were probably a photo to start, then it got chopped and trimmed and mapped into a 3D environment which is really a series of illusions and cheats to make it look like it’s actually where it started: real life.

But I like the idea from an artistic standpoint as well; I think it’s really cool when you can look at a picture or a render and almost touch the textures. It’s an image, an illusion, it’s not real, but you can feel it almost, like your fingertips kind of twitch “feeling” over the surfaces.

Or I’m crazy, which is entirely possible.

Apathy Allegory Teaser

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I’m not promising anything since we all know how A.D.D I am with the consequential personal projects, but I will say that I’ve written a short film / animation and have most of the models etc. ready.

With that said, I’ll probably get distracted after the first scene (again) and move on to something completely different.

I do like the story though, it’s surprisingly deep despite my intentionally simplistic and rather happy art style. Maybe I’ll write it all out and publish it as an ebook or something. Someday. Eventually…


Panton Cafe

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Unoriginal title, perhaps, since that’s clearly what they are: a low back variation of the famous Panton Chair.

Blender Internal (2.49, stable) renderer used with a node setup for the post processing. It’s an interesting balance for me since I left for Yaf(a)ray and never really came back to try out the internal in comparison, especially with raytraced ambient occlusion. I don’t remember what the render time was but it was actually a little bit faster than doing a full unbiased pathtrace and looks about the same.

The only thing I’ll note is glass rendering in Internal is dismal at best. Maybe I’m just spoiled with the Yaf(a)ray glass shaders…

So, I’ll keep playing with both of them, perhaps together (occlusion and mapping hybrid composite?! Woah.)

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