Panton Cafe

November 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Unoriginal title, perhaps, since that’s clearly what they are: a low back variation of the famous Panton Chair.

Blender Internal (2.49, stable) renderer used with a node setup for the post processing. It’s an interesting balance for me since I left for Yaf(a)ray and never really came back to try out the internal in comparison, especially with raytraced ambient occlusion. I don’t remember what the render time was but it was actually a little bit faster than doing a full unbiased pathtrace and looks about the same.

The only thing I’ll note is glass rendering in Internal is dismal at best. Maybe I’m just spoiled with the Yaf(a)ray glass shaders…

So, I’ll keep playing with both of them, perhaps together (occlusion and mapping hybrid composite?! Woah.)


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