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December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, step two in my scheme for world domination (after building and utilizing the Villain Chair) is massive networking. Get out there, make friends, maybe enemies. Maybe Nemesis. What’s plural for that? Nemesees?

Anyway, so I joined Deviantart a while ago and found the community made up of mostly immature 13 year old anime fans which is not really the network I was looking for. So, I tried Coroflot, but they require you to be actively seeking employment to have a portfolio there. Enter Behance. Same thing, better Terms of Service.

SO, although I just joined, I’ll be uploading all the things you’ve already seen for the network to go over and love. I’ve already made contacts which is awesome because although I have a pretty decent blog readership there isn’t much communication between the readers and myself.

Expansion in all directions might prove too thinning, but I think these two will provide two separate opportunities to network. I’m still designing the new and that will be the most impersonal of the three: just a huge wall of work, really. I’ll throw it up and leave it.

Go check out the Behance portfolio!


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