Into New Eden

December 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Taken straight from EA’s Mirror’s Edge, which I mentioned time and again on this blog. It remains a constant inspiration for me from both a visual arts perspective and also as a 3D modelling goal.

The New Eden Mall is a level about halfway through the game and is predominantly yellow, with blue accents and the omnipresent black and white. For those of you who have played through, you know how fast this level goes despite the fantastic detail that went into the places you don’t even see (or aren’t supposed to go).

For example, the second and third last shots; the escalators and the angled glass window. It’s a four level atrium that is basically a pit full of gun wielding baddies that you run over on a glass catwalk platform and never see or go down into. I found a way. I died a lot to get a clean screenshot of a) me not all dead and such and b) said baddies not getting in the frame. So, despite serene appearances, things are bustling around me in the game.

From a game design point of view, I noticed they just put metal shutters over all the shop windows to avoid modelling and texturing extra things. Also, as a game device, the civilians don’t have much freedom, so I don’t think shopping would be similar to what we know it as. It’s easier just to not show any shops than explain these minor details.

Here, as with the rest of the game, all the plants are white. There really is no green, organic plant life in the game anywhere. A subtle metaphor for the fictional society, no doubt.


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