The Island

January 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

If you’ve ever tried searching for the house featured in the movie The Island, you’ll mostly likely come to a similar conclusion: there is a remarkable few shots of it’s interior to be found.

I apologize for the quality, the DVD ripper I’m using was free; go figure. But, it’s better than most of the rest of the internet.

As for the building itself:

It’s low slung, two stories most likely, built entirely out of concrete and glass with a very sharp Japanese-modern approach yet still MCM american. Those last two photos are somewhat connected. The ramp to the right of the third photo is the ramp on the right of the fourth, it slopes down but also cuts towards the one side for the stairs to come at an oblique to the rest of the house. Notably, there are no railings for either of these which I personally love but wouldn’t make for child friendlyness (which is perfect, really).

To the south (opposite the stair / ramp (whose windows, I’m assuming based on the lighting, are north)) is split into an office on the western side and a kitchen / dining room on the eastern wall. In the middle is a full height concrete wall and the Renovatio boat model (which in real life is a Wallypower Superyacht) which is sort of visible in the fourth photo, on the far right; he’s leaning on the glass case. (east / kitchen to his right, west / office to his left)

It’s a bad shot with them covering everything (why must they be in the scene all the time?!) but you can see the Renovatio boat model in the middle with the office behind them. They’re sitting in the kitchen area, the stairs are perfectly blocked by clone Ewan on the right.

Copyrights, of course, everything to their original owners. I do not claim to own the images above, merely using them because they are awesome.


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