Trippy Typography Tutorial

January 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

An awesome alliteration answers all that ails.

The effect above is actually extraordinarily easy to reproduce:

Set up your text however you want, with a box covering the entire canvas as a background.

These two elements will get two different stripes as patterns. These patterns can be made with this handy tool set up like the following:

Stripe settings are both 3 pixels and black and white (FFFFFF and 000000, as hex colours) then click download to save it as a .png.

Open this .png file with photoshop and press CTRL + A to select all. Then EDIT -> “Define pattern” and click through to define it.

Then, in the layer blending options define the “pattern overlay” and set it to the pattern you just made.

Repeat, but building a new stripe in the generator that is going the other direction (or flipping it in photoshop, same thing) and set that to the other layer.

If done correctly they should clash in this crazy, brain numbing confusion of black and white.

You can apply these to any layer, so virtually any shape you want!

Questions, comments, post them below!


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