A New Direction

January 10, 2011 § 2 Comments


Some news, quite a bit, actually:

You’ll have noticed I never delivered on my promise of content over the holidays, and although I have been working on a number of varied projects I feel that they’ll be released in due time; a time that is not right now.

I have decided, both on my own conclusions and the gentle prodding of others to start curating this blog as some other artists do. Bringing in new, inspirational ideas that are not purely my own. I have mixed feelings about this but I feel that it’ll bring posting up and give people a larger variety of things to read. I realize on the other hand that it’s rather challenging to be a message in a bottle thrown into a sea made up exclusively of other messages in other bottles that is the internet, and I’ll try my best to avoid the typical retweet culture where one thing pops up and it’s suddenly everywhere. I want to bring original content because as an avid RSS reader, I know just how annoying it is to read the same article headline from what seems like every source you’re subscribing to.

Hold me to it!

In other news, today is my official first day back to school and so far none of the classes look exciting which is unfortunate but a necessary evil towards the ultimate end: total, global domination.

We watched a video on various industrial designers and the history of the craft. In had a brief interview of Dieter Rams (read: my hero) which unfortunately wasn’t the best I’ve seen of him, he seems to be getting older as time progresses (coincidence?!) and I feel it’s a shame.

One of my favorite interviews with him is the following:

Of which I like the quote “Not outstanding design…but better design.” because it speaks to me as a designer. I don’t need to be famous, I don’t need to be rich; I want to help people’s lives by making it easier. It’s not the design of the year, it’s the design that helps the most people. “It should help people.”

It’s absurd to me that with all of this technology, with all of this around us we still put up with things that frustrate us. We still have uncomfortable things, we still have awkward chairs. How? After all these years… why haven’t we solved these problems.

And with that motive, I go out to change the world.


This marks the day after the one year anniversary of starting the 365 project which I quit due to school and time constraints about 1/3 way in. But, on the positive side, I have averaged just over one photo per day of the year, so that is pretty much the same thing, right? Averages…


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