Unhappy Hipsters

January 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

“The neutral palette made for a speedy escape. Lucky bear.”

I found Unhappy Hipsters and thought it was brilliant. I read a lot of the sites where they pull the images from (Dwell, Arch Daily type mags and sites) and always thought that “modern” homes have the most bizarre photos taken of one person living in them, usually posing in some weird action that no one actually does in real life.

This is a great way to make fun of that!

In unrelated news, my friends and I have discovered that despite all of our mocking towards the hipster subculture, we’re slowly becoming the archtype.


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§ 2 Responses to Unhappy Hipsters

  • Karl says:

    “With resignation she realized she did need rescuing; if not from herself, then from the punishing aesthetic of her life.”

    haha, genius.

    and we’re all subject to societies’ faults! no shame in that one, not at all. just have to keep striving for that utopian way of life and mind, really.

    • Brennan says:

      True that.

      I really strive to make things unobtrusive. Not only is it Ram’s fifth rule of design, but it should be the way the world works.

      I hate it, but capitalism really destroys good design.

      You can’t make anything to last anymore; there isn’t any money in it. Even if I designed a car so good you’d never need to buy another one, the company would eventually go bankrupt. Everyone would have one and nothing would compel them to keep spending money on your cars…


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