Facebook Profile Photo Template

January 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

So you’ve probably seen this all over the internet already: on the new Facebook profiles you can make photos line up with your main profile picture to make a bigger picture.

That’s neat.

So, I made my own template .PSD with mask which means you can throw any photo into the layer folder there and it’ll automagically cut up and spit out 6 individual photos that you can load into Facebook and tag with your own name to show up on your profile.

You can find the .PSD file HERE.

All you have to do is when you save go to “Save for Web and Devices” instead and then define where you want the photos to go. It’ll make a folder to contain them. If you don’t prefer this you can disable it in the “save for web…” dialogue. This is the part that takes the slices and makes individual photos, so it’s required to work. Otherwise it’ll just save the big jpeg, like the photo above, which doesn’t help you.

I realize there are apps and stuff that will do the same thing, but since I hate installing sketchy little .exes and since I love the flexibility photoshop gives you, I prefer this solution.

Then, in Facebook, just upload the profile picture like you normally would and make a new album to house the other five, tagging yourself in them (and you can change the order around if it’s out of place.)

Also, you can spam other friends who have the profile by making five pictures and tagging them in it! I accept no liability for actions or harm against you.


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