Minimal Star Wars

February 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

So, we’ve probably all seen the Olly Moss incredibly clever poster designs that erupted in the blogosphere a couple weeks ago, but although probably a direct rip off I do really like these too. Click through to see all 13 posters.

Done by the relatively net-famous Justin Van Gendersen, who is one of those artists where you scroll through the portfolio and recognize half of it but you never realized it was all done by the same person.

I like the Hoth one, but mostly because I have a secret diagonal hairlines fetish. It’s an interesting art as well, because it’s not technically challenging. I could probably copy them in photoshop preeeetty easily. But he did it first and that’s always the hard part. So. Respects. And check out his portfolio there; tons of awesome work.


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§ 2 Responses to Minimal Star Wars

  • Archan says:

    Hey this reminds me of the neat affect this little app I have called f.lux enables. I was wondering why everything blends together, then I realised the app I had was dimming my screen, making a halogenic (sp?) feel..

    Certainly goes great with this site and those pictures..


    • Brennan says:

      I tried flux for a while and then realized I was never really using my technology at times when they would be blinding me (such as the app tries to help).

      I keep a paper and pencil beside my bed for those kinds of dream / ideas (which are usually awesome. Sleep-Brennan rocks the creative side) but I can usually write in the dark, so…

      But yeah, thanks!

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