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There seems to be this trend in architecture / art /design that says that if it’s completely unheard of it must be a good idea. That might apply to art, sure, something new or different is usually good. But I would suggest that art is, for the most part, purely for aesthetic reasons. Of course, I see cars as art just as I see industrial design as art, but that’s for a different post.

What is concerning here is that architecture is following this line of thinking. Architecture that should be making things better and more user friendly is trying to be hip and “modern” by being as ridiculous as possible. The house above is not designed for living. It might make a good tree house for indestructible and imaginative children, but the people posing in the photo above look completely uncomfortable. They look so happy to be living there. Look at the creativity in this architecture.

Anyway, I’ll keep the ranting short. Architecture should help, not hinder. It’s designed for humans, it should not impede them.

I admit it looks cool, of that there is little question; but that isn’t really the point, for me at least. I like useful things.

It’s the “Next Generation House” by Sou Fujimoto.

Ha. The next generation of concussive head wounds from walking into square edged cedar beams…


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