Scrapbook 01

February 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have something of a scrapbook running; whenever I come across something I like I save it to a folder on my HDD to save forever and inspire me.

Not everything is 100% good. Usually I make notes as to what I liked and didn’t like about something, and eventually it makes a map and patterns emerge of things I’m consistently liking. These things usually show up in my thoughts, designs and sketches. Recycle the good, evolve out the bad, right?

And, I thought I’d share!

I like the stairway with wraparound second floor. It creates a nice, open atrium area on the right and probably a loft bedroom or office on the left. Two stories of south facing glass make for lots of light. Not a fan of the wooden table, and I might put a brightly coloured area rug down or something. Everything is a wee bit too hard.

The visible beam architecture is cool, though. Prefab-ish house by MUJI

Almost Braun in aesthetics, this is actually also sold by MUJI (like a Japanese IKEA, kind of, who also did the house above). It holds true to the “Good appliances should melt into the background when not in use” Rams’ ideal. MUJI is very much like that. They make things that are almost invisible when not in use, but are suddenly right there when you need them, as Dieter says, “like a good manservant.”

It’s a vacuum stainless steel pot which would keep the contents temperature isolated well, but how do you know when it’s done brewing? Possible design flaw.

This is turning into a MUJI article! A chair, also distributed by them. I like how effortless it looks. It’s clean; the hardware hidden. It just has a nice shape, you know?

MUJI, along with their architecture have these sort of MUJI village ideas, where they aren’t just a brand, or a product or a house, but a lifestyle. People who value these things can live in these apartment style buildings that are in theory well designed and live a minimal lifestyle within a community of like-minded people. That sounds cool, actually. Shame America would never survive in such a stripped back life…

I’ve always liked the idea of courtyards, or even just plant-filled nature rooms. It’s a warmer, humid escape from the rest of your house. I would have a lounge chair in mine, and I would sit and sketch and invent and feel somewhat connected to nature, even in the slightly artificial way. If you don’t have time to drive out the mountains every day to sketch for 10 minutes it would be a good alternative. An escape room.

Anyway, a brief commentary on things that I generally like, perhaps inspiring for others as well. It’s entirely coincidental that it all ended up being MUJI related, but hey, they design some good stuff. Definitely check it out.

Credits to everyone, work is of course the property of it’s respective owners. Click through the photos to read /see more.


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