Doodle: Smart Car Redesign

February 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

The problem, I think, with people getting on this whole eco-friendly car thing is this: coolness of vehicle > willingness to save the environment.

I fall into this category myself, I am partially skeptical about the claims made about how much we’re actually damaging anything and partially too unimpressed by the alternative. Of course, there are the people who will buy a Prius for the self-righteous factor, since they cost far more than a normal car and it’s lifetime worth of gasoline simply so they can drive around in an ugly vehicle and feel smug because they’re somehow a superior citizen.

So, I got to thinking: “How do we make smaller cars more appealing?”

The problem with the aesthetics of Smart cars is fairly simple: they are tall and skinny with a short wheel base and teeny tires. This, of course, is the exact opposite of what we consider cool, which would be low slung, wide, aggressively agile and they somehow just look mean sitting there.

My model above was quick and dirty, I’ll admit. It’s the gestural sketch of the 3D world. I took the side profile from a Smart car and set my proportions around that so it’s more or less the same size and shape. Then I simply filled in the details with things that you might see on real sports cars. It’s not perfect, I’m not entirely happy with it, but it does achieve the slightly menacing look, which is definitely a step above the rose-smelling Smart car body.


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