February 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

We’re working on our cardboard chairs in design class and my group’s design came out to be rather origami stealth bomber chaise lounge which I definitely love.

It’s interesting, though, when you make something or come up with an idea and then come across other similar things in the wild; which are obviously entirely isolated cases of inspiration. Granted, it’s not terribly unique, there have been facet designs on furniture since ever probably, but it’s interesting to ask where inspiration comes from.

…and I’m super excited to show you our design and finished project, but I can’t until we actually make it and have the final judging day where we go up against the other groups. Suspense!

Tom Vaughan, the guy who did the chairs pictured above, also recently came out with this ribbon chair:

Which I’m not sure fits with my preferred furniture scheme, but is a fantastic piece of fabrication nonetheless! It’s just beautifully elegant, you know?


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