Possibly the Most Fun Ever

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s interesting to me to see how easily rewarded humans are. Like, surprisingly so.

It’s also interesting, and especially from a design point of view, how we attach to entirely fake things. Look at the utter war that goes on between Apple people and PC people, or how many people would cry more having to delete a World of Warcraft character than at their grandmother’s funeral. It’s interesting to me how we bond with physical items that are also inanimate (and in a way we could say “fake” as in ‘lack of actual characteristics’) such as your first car or a camera or something. These are items that journey with us and in a way become part of us as companions and… friends?

Humans are almost laughable in this respect, feeling empathy for such items, but truly we do identify with things, stuff, items. WE give them feelings, but it seems incredibly natural for us to feel that sort of bizarre love.

That opens a whole design philosophy that I won’t get into right now but is incredibly interesting. How do we design things to forge these relationships? How do we make objects that become companions and lead to a better / happier life for the human?


The above are some screenshots of an incredibly minimalist website that features only that pink cube which smiles and follows you unless you click outside the screen (or right click) and then it gets increasingly frantic and concerned, searching to look for you.

It’s a bizarre sense of reward when you reunite your cursor with this little mess of pixels, you kind of feel like he’s genuinely happy.

Play with the pink cube HERE.


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