PC Case Design

March 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Kind of a Lian-Li meets Aperture Science case, it’s beautifully liquid cooled with milled aluminum and glowing orange liquid which I can only assume is extract of pure awesomeness.

In the other side of the ring comes something far more regal and understated. It’s perfectly machined, but although I’ve never been a fan of those see-in plastic panels on the sides, it might be nice to see actual components once the case is opened.

I’ve been doing research into buying a cheap Apple tower with intent to strip it all out and put PC parts in there, but apparently it’s a pain to try and convert. Shame, since PCs are definitely lacking in the beautiful case department. There are a few companies out there with alright products, but nothing I would ever get really excited about. It seems like the only cases are made for the ridiculous gamer market and covered in tacky neon and useless fins that aren’t even vented.

If you want something designed right you’ve gotta design it yourself, I guess.

Via million-dollar-pc.com: first and second.


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