March 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

When I’m working I spend more time than I’d like to admit arranging my application windows into the perfect workflow. Divvy looks like it will make satisfying that OCD a little faster…

Basically, it allows you to set window size and position based on a handy popup grid, and allows shortcuts for often-used designations etc. Looks to be pretty customizable, although I haven’t tried it as of this writing. It mentions in the FAQ that it supports multiple monitors so that’s a big deal for me since the also super handy Windows 7 snap edges doesn’t work on the inside crease of two monitors.

You can watch the introduction video here as narrated by a man who’s voice I would describe as a smooth mix between gentle, encouraging therapist¬†and jazz cellist who is sometimes the background tenor vocalist.

You can also download a demo and /or buy the full thing ($14) at the official site here. Supports both Mac and PC.

Via Unplggd


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§ 2 Responses to OCDesktop?

  • Karl says:

    If I’m correct, the W7 snap edges work on the inside crease if you use the windows key in combination with the arrow keys to maneuverer the windows around. Still, you can’t do it as efficiently as the program can, and those shortcuts are really useful.

    Can’t wait for the day where I can bring my programs in front of me in portable holograms though.. hahah

  • Brennan says:


    Thank you! I was totally unaware of the Windows + arrow key thing, and yes it works delightfully on multiple monitors.

    It’ll come, I’m already working on that…

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