CMYK Pen First Renders

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some sample renders for the first revision process that we’re doing in class right now. If you didn’t see the first sketches it would probably explain more about the project. Essentially, the sliders (which are now radial and not linear down the pen) control the flow of the CMYK tanks to form the final colour which is used as ink so you could draw or write in virtually any colour you can imagine -simply dial it in with the CMYK sliders.

Just the basics for now.

I disagree with the class’ approach to design process: figuring out aesthetics before you go about practical process? I understand that we have to be open minded, and of course I am, but you could come up with the most beautiful idea and it would be an utterly pointless exercise if it isn’t physically possible. It’s simply poor to try and slot reality in afterwards. Form follows function. Although design involves art, design is not art. If you want to make things with a specific art style be a sculptor. Fashion ruins design. Good design is long lasting (-Massimo Vignelli) and fashion is never long lasting.

So, I might not show my practical process right now (because apparently that’s a bad thing…?) but it’s in my mind from step one. It has to work. Working is beautiful. The form of a working item is beautiful. Everything extraneous is fashion and bad design.


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