Zombie Picnic

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Kavalo Wine Company

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Since I’ve already used the Kavalo name for syrup, perhaps it isn’t actually wine…

The label came out really flat looking, I feel. It’s a tricky material to get right when the lighting setup is designed to make the glass part pop as much as possible. Of course, the label itself is really boring. Not even minimalist since it’s missing important things like years and type of aging etc. If things are too minimalist to include important information, it’s not a good design.

But, a quick modelling and render study. It was a good afternoon project.

I Approve

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The front face could use some Rams grilling, I think, but I’m a sucker for anything curved and walnut these days. The interface looks contained and simplified which is always appreciated.

Also available in black and white glossy shells. (But who would want that?!)

Via Uncrate

Lamborghini Aventador

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So, new Lambo out. Nothing particularly different or exciting here as far as design evolution goes, other than the dip just behind the front wheels is getting more and more Ferrari as time goes on to allow for increasingly thin windows to be used. Everything else seems predictable, the brand language is conveyed, they’re sticking with the angles and louvres and gaping intakes the Reventon liked so much…


They messed up the hood. It’s hard to tell in the above photo but there are two lines coming from the front corner of those intakes and sweeping back towards the middle of the windshield wipers. I’ll draw a comparison:

It looks like a squirrel hoarding something in it’s cheeks.

It makes the car look obese.

Obesity is the least attractive thing for a sport car to look like.

So, love the car everywhere else and all. It probably has obscene amounts of unnecessary and mostly unusable power and it definitely has this promo video which is 105% awesome but that face! Ugh.

Comparison image sources: Lambo and baby.

Mt. Sulphur

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Taken from the top of Mt. Sulphur, Banff, Alberta, Canada this past weekend.

As always, mouse over for image captions.

Ikepod Hourglass

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I’ve always been fascinated by glassblowing. It’s a sculptural art where the sculpture requires very precise variables, namely time and heat application. Unlike clay which you can stare at for hours, glass has a very specific formable time frame and the true beauty is seeing the mastery of patience when working with such a droopy medium.

If you haven’t yet heard of Ikepod I highly suggest you look at their lines of watches as well; some nice clean design in there which is always appreciated.

My main reason for bringing up the topic is to share this semi-advertisement video showing the steps to make the above 7kg stainless steel (carbon? sources are mixed) nanoball filled timepiece.

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