Frank Gehry is still a menace

April 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

Look into those eyes of evil. Cold, calculated evil…

Most (architecturally nerdy) people know the name Frank Gehry. Sure, he’s the guy who crumples up paper as his inspiration and then sets his team of actual architects to try and figure out how to build it 1000:1 scale.

Notably, the buildings both leak on the inside and start fires on the outside because those shiny curves tend to focus the sun’s vast energy into small points across the street like ants under a magnifying glass. Greeeeeat.

I suspect he’s secretly an evil genius under the guise of architect so he can continue to build giant building /people burning sun-powered lasers without the authorities suspecting anything. “No officer, I had no idea several of my buildings start fires and of course I didn’t notice the first time(s) otherwise the next few wouldn’t feature the same geometry of death.” as he walks away with that little smirk of cunning that all the villains do in the movies. I mean, it’s hard to deny since his own house is equipped with a similar sun-focusing death beam just in case someone caught wind of his secret identity.

Moral of the story: just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you’re good at what you do. Also, maybe learn from the first time(s) one of your buildings does it and don’t do it again. I mean, really. Not too hard.

Moral of the story for whoever the heck gave him a Pritzker: Don’t award stupidity.

Via Inhabitat who I also want to applaud for the hilarious photoshop building laser photos.


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§ 3 Responses to Frank Gehry is still a menace

  • Thomas Mayer says:

    you have published on your website my portrait of Frank Gehry (with cigar) without my release. I do not mind, but you should set the photocredit: ©Thomas Mayer and a link to the Gehry-folders in my archive:
    Thomas Mayer

  • Brennan (formerly IceCalibre) says:

    You’re right, of course; my sincerest apologies.

    Unfortunately, since this blog has been dead for almost an entire year I don’t actually have editing capabilities anymore. Honestly, the whole thing should just be torn down – the Internet version of an old building no one’s lived in or has the keys to anymore.

    It’s a poor patch up job, I admit, but accept that your comment provides adaquate footnote and credit. The traffic reports I last saw indicate it’s all but truly dead, so there really isn’t anyone who’ll read any of this anyway.

    Much appreciated, and rest assured I’ve been much better at sourcing in my current writing practices.


  • roy frowick says:

    Sir, your lone voice of reason in the insane world that deifies This Frank Gehry madman is far from dead. Please don’t take this down. Nobody else is out there spreading the message that, in this case, the Emperor Has No Clothes!

    And as for Mr Mayer — Kudos sir, on an excellent photograph. I was searching for an image to prove my point that Frank Gehry is to the world of Architechture what Bernard Madoff is (or more accurately, was) to the world of Finance.

    Frank Gehry and Bernard Madoff — separted at birth? You be the judge!

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