Mechanical Iris

April 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

I feel bad for neglecting you readers, so I’m trying to post things as I’m working on them to assure you that I am in fact preparing for the last few weeks of school diligently.

The above is a basic illustration that I just made to demonstrate three positions of a mechanical iris such as the one in the shutter of a camera. I’m using four small ones inside the CMYK pen to control ink flow; the rotating sliders will be directly geared to the iris in such a way so that 100% open and 100% closed will line up with the slider’s inner and outer limits, providing a very direct and tactile control.

Ultimately, I’ve always loved mechanical irises (irisi?) and if you ever get a chance to play with old film lenses (they have the manual exposure tab sticking out) I highly recommend looking at the mechanism inside – it’s mesmerizing.


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